New tours for 2018

Watch for a new tour in 2018!

Peoples’ History Walking Tours is developing new tours for the enjoyment and education of visitors and local residents alike. In May 2017 we are adding this new tour:

From Indigenous Sacred Site to Industrial Wasteland: Colonialism and Class Struggle in the Chaudiere District (2017)

For thousands of years, the Ottawa River (called the Kitchissippi or 'Great River' by the Algonquin) has been central to the lives of all who live near it. Europeans transformed this key Indigenous trade route between central and eastern North America into a timber chute to support the British navy's campaign to ‘rule the world’. This tour examines the hard lives and rich experiences of the lumbermen whose work depended on the Ottawa River during the 19th century, and the sawmill workers and 'matchgirls' who once made their living working on the mid-river Chaudiere Islands. We also talk about why the Algonquins continue to view those islands where the sawmills and paper plants once operated as a sacred site that should be returned to their control.

Watch for this new tour in the spring of 2018:

More than Taverns and Brothels: French Canadians, Irish and Jews fighting oppression in Lowertown



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