An interesting and informative history of the Parliament buildings, a history you will not learn in the ‘official tours’. The history of the workers, of citizens and their struggles to be heard on the Hill while still visiting all the major buildings and monuments – only seeing them through a different lens. Informative and challenging. A great addition for visitors and locals alike.

Lloyd H

I’ve lived in Ottawa for ages and can’t believe how little I knew of our city’s past. The tour leader has distilled an impressive breadth of research on these subjects, and in addition to presenting an engaging story, is seemingly impossible to stump for an answer to any related questions! It was time well spent and I’d recommend the tours to anyone interested in a freshly told version of the Capital’s past.

Meredith K

…Brian exhibits a deep understanding of the array of mechanisms employed in…the settler-colonial agenda and its goal of forcing the indigenous inhabitants into submission and off their land – be it through brutal force or entrapment. In addition, he provides insights into the aboriginal resistance and…the multiplicity of strategic visions, ranging from anti-colonial struggle to collaboration…. But the story does not end there, as he also explains the ongoing struggles which in recent years have become more manifest. Brian is…passionate and engaged; his commitment to social justice radiates throughout the expert information which he provides. …My only regret is not having had more time in Ottawa so as to participate in his other three tours.

Aurora M

Our guide…was excellent, patient, interesting and able to answer our questions. …Brian brought the story alive by painting a picture of the people involved, their problems, living conditions and the way the British commander organised the whole 200km canal dig and numerous locks. He brought the history of Ottawa into the present day too. A well spent 2.5 hours

—  5Tudor Rose

I grew up in Ottawa and both these tours [Indigenous and Rideau Canal] were eye-opening…. Brian…recounts histories that have remained largely invisible, shedding light upon various sites…which most of us take for granted or don’t notice at all. The tours are challenging, yet engaging, and Brian is always ready to…dialogue about the underlying controversies that have shaped this city…. Regardless of your preconceptions, this experience will leave you with…a surprisingly different understanding of Ottawa, both in terms of its past and present. …Strongly recommended!

— John C

Brian is incredibly knowledgeable and provided not only some great history but an excellent context in which to think about the story of Canada and how colonialism impacted the Indigenous peoples of this country. …his background and his passion for the subject matter put him ahead of other tour providers.

— JiveTurkee

We thoroughly enjoyed the People’s History Walking Tour of Parliament Hill. Brian was engaging and his knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject made the walk a joy…. We learned about history that wasn’t covered in the other tours…and it was far more interesting than the official tour. We highly recommend Brian’s tour; it was one of the highlights of our stay in Ottawa.

— EurovisionBoy

This tour is fantastic for people who want to know the why as opposed to the what in history and who care about the 99%.

—  Wardie L

Nona and I enjoyed the tour immensely and would… both highly recommend it to friends and strangers.  It is…a thinking person’s tour but it still gives you all the key historic sites…. As a local…this gives me a deeper appreciation for the city…. A unique and fabulous perspective on the Capital’s past. “

— Doug B

The tour topics and perspective are fantastic: unique and refreshing!   I learned a lot and am shocked that I had never heard of many of these events – raises big questions.  The tour conclusion is indispensable.  Brian takes the tour content and turns it on its head by making us look at it in a way that we wouldn’t have on our own.  This is the “a-ha” moment where the facts/events cease to merely exist but speak to us.  This gives participants jewels to take away with them. “

— Sara J

Local history…is presented in a global context and positioned within larger historical processes. I look forward to attending again, particularly when family members are in town.

— Ryan K

…the best part is that you create an engaging narrative. I was very quickly brought into the storyline and I was never bored. You can tell you’re passionate about the subject matter and you do a great job… “

— David P

I wanted to tell you how much Barb and I enjoyed the walking tour of the Rideau Canal. We certainly learned a lot…especially as it pertained to the plight of the Irish who played a major role of the canal’s construction.  We’ve already spoken to others and…strongly recommend your walking tour. It’s the first time I’ve taken such a historical tour and I’ll be looking to take others in my future travels.

— Pierre M

” …the tour was excellent.  Your sense of timing was great (look above, there’s Champlain.  Up there is Colonel By) and the storyline was beautifully narrated and told compellingly.  It was thoroughly researched and your mastery of the history provided considerable breadth and depth to the experience. “

— Neil B