Custom Tours & Other Services

New for 2022

Peoples’ History Walking Tours is constantly developing new tours and other services for the enjoyment and education of visitors and local residents alike. This season, a new tour is being launched: Ottawa’s ‘Reds’ and the 1919 Campaign for a General Strike. Comparing historical experience in Ottawa with that of Winnipeg, the tour explores why Ottawa’s 1919 campaign for a general strike failed, while those in 33 other Canadian towns and cities (like Winnipeg) succeeded. In September 2022, Brian will give a public lecture on the same topic for the Historical Society of Ottawa.

Custom Tours:

We urge you to inquire about custom tours. Got a special need or interest that is not covered by one of our existing tours? Do you want a radical take on the exhibits in the Canadian History Hall of the Museum of History? How about a radical take on the history of the military, Ottawa labour history, or some other topic? Maybe you need a radical history of Ottawa for an American audience. Contact us about your special interests and we will try to accommodate you.

Other services

Besides walking tours, we also provide popular educational services (e.g., talks, lectures and presentations). Brian McDougall has spoken about local history and current movements for social and climate justice for many kinds of audiences (academic, professional, historical, student, union and activist) around the city. Contact us for more information.

Past clients for tours or lectures include the following groups and organizations:

  • Trade Unions: United Steelworkers Summer Program // Ottawa CUPE District Council // Industrial Workers of the World (Ottawa) // CUPE 4600 //
  • Educational Institutions: Bishop Strachan School (Toronto) // Learning in Retirement Program – Carleton University // Indiana University
  • Student Organizations: Ontario Public Interest Group – University of Ottawa // Delta Lambda Phi Social Fraternity // Graduate Student Association – Carleton University // OPIRG – Carleton //
  • Professional and Academic Conferences: Committee on River Ice Processes and the Environment // International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences Inter-Congress // Ontario Heritage Conference // International Sustainability Transitions Conference // Smiths Falls Heritage Conference // Small Modernisms – Architectural History Conference //
  • Other Organizations: Ottawa Public Library // Jane’s Walks Ottawa // Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ottawa // International Friendship Club (Puerto Vallarta) // Patented Medicine Prices Review Board // Workers History Museum // Historical Society of Ottawa // Indigenous Services Canada // Transport Canada // Public Service Commission // Public Service Commission // Public Services and Procurement Canada //

Special note: Impact of construction on our tours

The Government of Canada has at least two major construction projects that may impact the route for some of our tours. We will modify tours as necessary.